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Giants In The Workshop

Something Very Special


Sometimes you get a piece of timber that is so special you know there’s only one thing to do with it.

This slab of English elm, cut in the 1970s, and over 3 metres in length will be a table top with a great story to go with it.  It would be disrespectful to the mighty tree it cam from to cut a piece or rare timber like this into little pieces.    

Ravaged by Dutch elm disease, the mighty elm Tree this came from was felled in Devon and sawn in the 1970s.  It was air dried by the renowned cabinet maker Alan Peters, who stored and seasoned it in his timber collection.  I was lucky enough to acquire it from his estate several years ago, and now give it the same care and attention it has had since been felled, turning it every year to keep it flat.  However soon it will begin its journey to becoming a piece of furniture, prolonging this once mighty elm tree for several hundred more years.

Follow its progression over the coming months

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