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See What’s Really Going On In The Studio…… The making of the Burnett Table



See The Story Behind The Burnett Table, From Raw Timber And A Rough Burr To The Final Elegant Tables


The Burnett Table

 “I’ve seen your hall table, and I want a vase table in the same style”  This is how the Burnett table developed, an idea, some sketches, more sketches, a design lots of ideas and finally the finished piece.

As soon as I had done the first sketches I knew this was also the piece for some amazing chestnut burr and curly birch I had been drying in my workshop for several years.  There would be lots of fun and challenges to  turn the rough timber into the final piece in my mind.

The burr was cut into thick veneers, dried and prepared for use, whilst the birch was going to give me many problems with its incredible and complicated figuring, lots of planning, and lots more sharpening.


 Mirrors mirrors everywhere

 Who would think a cabinet maker would have so many mirrors in the workshop, but they proved essential to pick the look of the table top, what sort of pattern would be best for that amazing burr.

 Later the ebony stringing was put in and the top was sanded, sanded some more and then polished; one sunburst and one chestnut quartermatch, the light and dark burnet tables.

 Now for the legs, sleek and simple.  The aim here was for a perfectly sharp plane, one that would leave the wood polished from each cut, giving the perfect shine to the wood,

 Joints were cut, and joints were glued and then polishing.


The French Way

The table was French polished, with over 100 coats of hand applied French polish, the only way to do the wood justice and give it just the right shine and depth, and to finish off, the final delicate coat of beeswax……. A finished table


To Find out more about the Burnett tables please contact Edward