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The Wild Rose: Flowers with Personality


Spring has arrived with the flowered jewellery box

With care, each petal on each flower has been individually hand cut and inlaid using vibrant yellow spindle wood, to create the stylised flowers sprinkled over these boxes.  Inspired by the wild roses found throughout the hedgerows of my youth, these fun flowers are patiently inlaid on these limited edition handmade jewellery boxes. 

The pastel yellow spindle wood used to create these flowers was highly prized for marquetry during the Italian renaissance, where English spindle wood was exported to Italy for its vibrant colour.  A small non-commercial tree, it is now rarely used in fine furniture, I am lucky to have a small amount of this amazing wood which I have sawn stored and dried for use over many years alongside planting over twenty more spindle trees for the cabinet makers of the future

For further information or to commission your unique flowered box, please contact Edward

The flower Jewellery Box by Edward Wild