The Burr Walnut Jewellery Box


The Burr Walnut Jewellery box with ancient bog Oak detailing is lined with rippled sycamore, with a sycamore and walnut tray

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The burr Walnut jewellery box has a magnificently figured burr flowing from the top of the box onto the sides, both inside and out. This is framed on each corner by a dark line of ancient bog Oak detailing. The box is lined with rippled Sycamore and Walnut with a Sycamore and Walnut tray. The tray floats into place on a bed of air, and has a secondary tray inside. The lid opens to 95° and the box is French polished with a final coat of beeswax.

What is a Burr?

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28 cm by 18 cm by 11 cm


Burr Walnut, Walnut, Rippled Sycamore, Bog Oak

This item is hand delivered within England by the Maker, Edward Wild. If you live outside the English mainland and you are interested in purchasing this box, please contact Edward Wild directly.