The Rippled Sycamore Jewellery Box


This unique handmade jewellery box is crafted from shimmering rippled Sycamore with dark ancient bog Oak detailing.   Inside it is lined with Pearwood and Sycamore with a matching removable tray.

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The rippled Sycamore jewellery box has a sunburst on the lid, which flows seamlessly down the sides both inside and out.  This is framed with ancient dark bog Oak on each corner giving the box an elegant Art Deco touch. The box is lined with Pearwood and Sycamore with a matching tray, with Suede inserts. The tray floats gently into place on a bed of air, with a secondary removable tray inside. The lid opens to 95° so the stunning sunburst pattern on the inside of the lid can shine when open. The box is French polished with a final coat of beeswax to set off this heritage piece.

The Dark lines which are integral to the look of this box are made from ancient bog Oak. Traditionally black Ebony would have been used for this, although I have some small quantities of old source Ebony, I tend to use it infrequently due to its scarcity and sustainability. Bog Oak provides a wonderful alternative, it is very very dark, and used as detailing in some of my pieces.

Bog Oak is Oak which was growing 3000 to 6000 years ago. As the climate changed and sea levels rose after the last ice age, areas of fertile woodland became waterlogged and the trees died and feel into the newly forming marshland. Over time the trees sank into the marsh and did not rot. Tannin in the oak reacted with dissolved iron in the water, and slowly over millennia turned brown and then black. These trees are found today during routine agricultural practices and dug up and salvaged as this wonderful wood.  What is Bog Oak?

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28 cm by 18 cm by 11 cm


Rippled Sycamore, Pearwood, Bog Oak

This item is hand delivered within England by the Maker, Edward Wild. If you live outside the English mainland and you are interested in purchasing this box, please contact Edward Wild directly.